About me.

So, you want to know about me. For starters, I am from Krypton and here to save you.

Okay, you did not buy that.

I am a senior undergraduate studying Electronics Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, (BHU), Varanasi, India. I am passionate about Electronics. Here is my CV, if you are into those kind of things. I like to read poetry (both in Hindi and in English). I used to write poems too but that muscle in me is atrophied as of now. I make stupid jokes and the only enthusiastic audience I get is myself. I love my jokes. Sorry. Also, I love bicycles and not in a way that I would know which mountain riding bike is in or which one is a good buy for your son or daughter. Just that I love to ride it. Furthermore, I am crazy about songs and you can find recommendations in the WTMI section. I occasionally read and I am not proud of my reading speed but I am working on it. :)